Sunday, May 6, 2007

Padron 1964 Anniversary

Country: Handmade in Danli, Honduras and Esteli, Nicaragua

Wrapper: Nicaragua

Binder: Nicaragua

Filler: Nicaragua

Size: Exclusivo (Robusto) 5 1/2 x 50

Price: Paid around $12 at local smoke shop.

Since today for me is a special day. It is me and my girlfriend 5 year anniversary together. So, I figure I would smoke something "special". I decided to smoke this 1964 Padron Anniversary. Just looking at the cigar, especially around the cap area, it looked a little wrinkled. No big deal though. Besides that, there were minimal veins, construction was very firm, and I did not see one other wrapper flaw. After I clipped with my Xikar cutter, the draw was just perfect. Picked up a nice tobacco flavor that was apparant. Aroma was weak however. So far so good.

The first couple of inital puffs, I picked up a rich coffee and toasty flavor. Please remember I have no PhD in flavors. That is best as I can describe it, so please bear with me. The smoke was very creamy and thick. Draw was superb and the finish was short and pleasant. A nice light gray ash was present as well. As I neared the end of the 1/3rd I happened to pick up a chocolate flavor which blended well with the other flavors.

As I was smoking the ash happend to fall all over me. Probably because I was going for the longest ash contest. I dusted my self off and continued to enjoy this fine primo smoke. A pleasant aroma filled the garage. The burn did happen to get un-even a tad bit, but self corrected a few puffs later. I still was recieving the same flavors as mentioned above, but the toastiness did kick up a notch. Still a very smooth smoke and draw was still right on.

As I entered the last third, I was waiting for maybe a wrapper to start to blister and crack, or the burn to all of a sudden get un-even, but no. This stayed perfect all the way thru. The strength did happen to pick up a little bit, but did not have a negative effect on the cigar. The cigar did get a little warmer, but not hot. Ash was still holding on great. I was hoping at this point that this cigar would never end. I was in heaven.

If you never have tried this cigar, please do yourself a favor and go pick one up. Sure, they are a bit pricey, but at $12 or so a stick it is well worth it plus more. I consider these "special occasion" cigars as they should be. This cigar was perfect all the way thru. I enjoyed this so much that I wish it would of never ended as I stated above. I am just glad that I have 2 more left in my humidor. You will not be disappointed in this cigar and I can guarantee you that.

Rating: A


MyManMisterC said...

this really is an epic cigar, no doubt about it. I agree with all of your other rankings, but came here because of your "average" comment on the Corranado by La Flor, which I loved.

What was it about the La Flor that you found to be "average"?

I do enjoy the Chisel Double Ligero more than the Corranado, however.

stinkie said...

I just reviewed this cigar about a month ago and agree, it is a great smoke. It can put you in a daze so make sure you eat good before you light it up.

Nice review.

ironmeden said...

I reviewed this about a month ago at my site. I really loved this cigar. All they hype about this cigar is warranted.

I wish it was that cheap at my local cigar shops.

cigarmonkey said...

Top notch smoke. However, I have to go with a 1926 over this one. Both great smokes!

Cheap Cigars said...

These are great smokes and quite popular for a reason. However, I think the 1992 Vintage Rocky Patel is an excellent alternative to these. I swear Rocky attempted to make a copy of these when he made the vintage. The flavors are very much the same. I think the Padron is a tad more spicey, but I like the milder Rocky. Either way, they are both great smokes.

Honeyjoy said...

I love your song and kind of music. I like vocal skills too.